The TL Method is Closing February 1st, And I want to Explain Why

On February 1st, I’m closing my online fitness program, the TL Method, to new members. The program will continue to run as usual for current members (and new members who apply by January 31st). No new members will be accepted to the program throughout the month of February. The program will reopen in March, but until then, I want to explain this decision.

[Members, if you’re reading this, I love you. Please don’t panic. You—and your workouts—will not be effected].

I Started the TL Program So Anyone—No Matter Their Economic Status or Hectic Lifestyle—Could Have Access to Personal Training.

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Everything about my program was done with intention, including the price point I set, the equipment I require, and the workouts I program.

I believe fitness is for everyone. I priced my program at $29 monthly—less than $1 a day—which is roughly one-third the price of a personal training session. I designed efficient workouts that could be done in 50 minutes or less, so anyone, anywhere, could squeeze a workout in.

I built the TL Method so busy moms could workout in their living room during naptime, the managing director could go ham in the hotel gym during her latest work trip, and newlyweds wouldn’t have to cut fitness (or their health) from the monthly budget.

But I Made a Promise: That the TL Method Would Contain All Aspects of Having a Personal Trainer.

In my book, this is what that means: An efficient, well-rounded workout program; injury prevention, new workouts to prevent boredom (and prevent a plateau), and a coach to hold you accountable.

Those were my non-negotiables. Those four things lead me to build the TL Method—and every corresponding workout—in a very specific way:

  • I never, ever repeat a workout: While many online programs continuously cycle athletes between the same eight-week program, I design brand new workouts six days a week, 52 weeks a year.

  • I ask you about your goals every single week: In our accountability group, we share our weekly goals. If there is something you want to achieve, whether it be physical, mental, or for personal development, I want to know about it (and so does everyone else in the program, who is cheering you on in the background).

  • You get a coach, i.e. me: At the end of the day, a personal trainer is a coach. I care about you and your development, and when workouts and life gets tough, I will remind you that you can do it.

To Continue to Coach the TL Members, I am Closing the Program to New Members in February.

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When you sign-up for the TL Method, you get me as a coach. Period. If you need clarification on a certain exercise or need a modification, you ask me. If you need to be built back up, you message me (or all your awesome TL teammates).

I write every workout, respond to every question, and lead a members-only challenge every month. No one else. I don’t have an assistant responding to your questions and I don’t have a team of moderators asking you about your weekly goals. I have a designer and a photographer I’m forever grateful for, but when it comes to your workouts and progress on the TL Method, you get me.

When I said the TL Method provides the efficiency and accountability of personal training, I meant it. I never wanted to provide an instant-download PDF of workouts that would plateau your progress and leave you to answer your own questions. I want to get to know you, understand your goals, and be sure you have all the tools necessary to complete your workouts—or as much as I can provide in a virtual space.

I am blown away by how much the program grew in 2018. But to continue to provide the level of coaching I always promised the TL Method members, I am capping the program come February.

The TL Method Will Re-Open March 1st, With an Added Challenge

The TL Method will remain open for the remainder of January. If February is not in your plans, I hope to see you come March. We will be launching a brand new challenge, with daily accountability, major prizes, and a nutrition component come March 1st.

If you have any questions about the above post, please email me personally at