In just eight weeks, see your body physically and mentally change by testing your limits of strength, mobility, self-confidence, and self-improvement.



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I believe in strong connections with people through fitness and fun, one squat at a time.

As a lover of movement, I am so excited for the #TLTribe to get started on this journey. There is a badass in every single one of you, and maybe it just might take lifting heavier weights, or dance breaks to figure it out.

Working out should be fun, exciting, and challenging. I am truly dedicated to making sure you get the most out of this program. The community of people will be a great support system, hold you accountable and inspire you daily!

I am really looking forward to working with each and every one of you!



TL Eight Week Program

This program will test your limits of strength, determination, self-confidence and self-improvement. You will be provided with tools to maintain a healthy attitude towards fitness and wellness, protect your body, and lift heavier shit. This program is created to teach you how to feel confident in your own skin, fearless in the gym, get stronger/leaner and do something you never thought you could. We will combine strength, agility, mobility, feel-good thoughts, and community.  


What's Included

  • Six workouts per week for eight weeks, each week includes: 1 upper, 1 lower, 2 full, 1 core/mobility day, 1 challenge
  • Access to a private Facebook community with the rest of the #TLTribe

  • Weekly mindfulness trainings

  • Bonus content featuring live yoga and more!


One personal training session with me is $100, but I would love to work with every single one of you. I want to make this affordable and so that we can all take this journey together.



What You need

Here's the equipment you'll need, from brands I love.

note: You will definitely need a set of lighter and heavier weights. You don't necessarily need all of these sizes.

TESTIMONIALS from the TL tribe



Is this a one-time payment?

YES! It’s one time payment of $119 only for the full eight week program.


When does the program start and finish?

We are all in this together, so we will start on May 7th and finish on Sunday, July 1st. The days will unlock for everyone all at the same time so that we can hold each other accountable and do this together! Once that day has passed though, it will be there for you to look back at! Once the program concludes, you will have access to it online for an additional two months and get a PDF with the written workouts.


Who is this program for?

This program is for everyone!

It is for the beginner that has worked out in the past but wants to work on their strength. It is for the advanced mover that wants to push weights and challenge themselves daily. It is for everyone wanting to feel better in their skin and more confident in themselves. 

I will provide modifications and advanced exercises for some movements. 


How long are the workouts?

Start to finish, it should take you about an hour. If you are a beginner, they may take a little longer. If you are ever strapped for time, you are able to make adjustments easily.


Do we do the workouts all together?

You will do them at your own pace. I created a way to swipe through the exercises with ease but knowing exactly what you are doing! You will do them whenever you find time in your day and try to stay on track. 


Do I need a gym?

Nope! I suggest you have:

  • a couple different sizes of dumbbells (one lighter set and one heavier set)
  • a set of mini resistance bands
  • yoga block (can modify with a small pillow)
  • a bench (can modify with a chair)
  • a mat!


What if I already workout?

Then you are awesome, but I can help you be even MORE awesome. Adding other modalities such as yoga, stretching, and mobility may be the few things you need to get your body feeling even better. Plus, with this new TL Method, there are eight different challenge workouts that are designed to make you seriously sweat! 

Any questions throughout? Email me at tara@taralaferrara.com.


Ya’ll ready for this?