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LEG DAY! PLEASE make sure that you use the dynamic warmup before the workout. This is a timed workout and I use the Seconds app or just my FitBit. Let me know if you have any questions! Use the cool down video above after the workout is complete.

Equipment needed: two heavy dumbbells + one medium sized bench + resistance band

Set 1 (:40 on, :20 off x 3)

  1. Alternating bench forward step ups

  2. DB romanian dead lifts

  3. Band wall sit knee out pulses (above knee)

Set 2: 5 min AMRAP

  1. 10 Tuck-ins
  2. 10 Superwomans
  3. 10 Knee to elbow sumo squats, each side equals one rep

Set 3 (:40 on, :20 off x 4)

  1. Bench lateral step up knee drive with reverse lunge (alternate each round)
  2. DB single leg hip thrusts (alternate each round)
  3. Banded lateral squat walks (around ankle)

Set 4: 5 min AMRAP

  1. 10 split hops, each side equals one rep
  2. 10 leg raises
  3. 50 high knees, total

Set 5 (:40 on, :20 off x 4)

  1. Bench transverse step up to knee drive with forward lunge (alternate each round)
  2. DB alternating curtsy lunge
  3. Banded mountain climbers (around laces)