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Mobility and Core Thursday. After three days of tough movement, it's so necessary to add some stretches and movement in to loosen things up. You can add in the dynamic warmup with (or without) about 10 minutes of cardio to warmup your body. Let me know if you have any questions!

Equipment Needed: mat 

Set 1 ( x3)

  1. Hovering tabletop to reverse tabletop with 2 second hold x10 (5 each side)

  2. Frog pose with alternating arm reaches x10 (5 each side)

  3. Tabletop opposite arm to leg raise and reach with flat back (15 each side) 

Set 2 ( x3)

  1. Slow dead bug x20 (10 each side) 

  2. Kneeling hip flexor rock back to half splits x10 (5 each side) 

  3. Lateral lunge rock openers x16 (8 each side) 

  4. Forearm plank walk forward and back x10 (fwd + back is 1)

Set 3 (x 3)

  1. Stuck in the mud with 10 second hold on either side x10 (5 each side)

  2. Plank to diagonal mountain climber with 5 second hold on each side x10 (5 each side)

  3. T spine rotation with reach x16 (8 each side)