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Full Body FRIYAY! PLEASE make sure that you use the dynamic warmup before the workout. Please note that these sets are longer than you want them to be. Pace yourself throughout the movements so that you can make it all the way through. Take around :20-:30 rest in between each set. Let me know if you have any questions!

Equipment Needed: one dumbbell + mat 

Set 1 (2 x :90)

  1. DB high pull, clean, reverse lunge to press

  2. DB chest press to situp to shoulder press

Set 2 (x3)

  1. [12 each side] DB kneeling SA concentration curl

  2. [:40 on, :20 off] Single arm  alternating up down

  3. [:40 on, :20 off] Straight leg bicycles

Set 3 (x3)

  1. [12 total] DB pushup to renegade row

  2. [10 each side] Power knee to forward lunge to curtsy lunge

  3. [:40 on, :20 off] Alternating bicycle crunch to russian twist

Set 4: (2 x :90)

  1. DB curl, press, tricep extension

  2. DB snatch to plank pop up and stand