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FULL BODY. Please make sure that you use the dynamic warmup before the workout. Week two is going to test your body and your mind a bit. Ask any questions you may have, some people may have the same ones!

Equipment needed: dumbbells, mat, bench (if you have one)

Set 1: 3 x 15

  1. DB squat with twist incline press, each side

  2. DB lat pullover with crunch

  3. Reverse lunge with lean, each side

Set 2: 3 x :45 of, :15 off

  1. Plank wide in/outs

  2. DB alternating axe chop to halo

  3. Plank pop up stand up to jump jack

  4. Hollow body hold

Set 3: 3 x 15

  1. DB squat concentration curl to arnold press

  2. DB single leg deadlift with wide row, each side

  3. Jump jack to star jump

Set 4: 3 x :45

  1. Tuck in with twist

  2. DB alternating snatch

  3. Reverse fly jack