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Upper body Tuesday. Use the dynamic warmup before the workout. Set number two are all supersets. There is one weighted move and a bodyweight move associated with it. You will complete all of the reps for the weighted movement and then go right into the 30 second bodyweight move. You will then take a quick rest before the next superset of moves. Set yourself a hard time limit of 30 minutes for this set. It may not take you that long, it may take you longer so wherever you leave off is okay. The whole workout should be around 40-45 minutes with breaks. Enjoy!

Equipment needed: dumbbells, mat, bench (if you have one)

Set 1: 1 x :60

  1. Single leg raises with leaving one leg up and crunch

  2. Side to side heel taps

  3. Plank walk out to X hold

  4. Forearm plank rocks

  5. Sit-up and reach

Set 2: 3 x 12 of each move with :30 of your bodyweight move before next exercise

  1. DB hammer curls / jump jacks jab

  2. DB alternating tricep kickbacks / burpees

  3. DB shoulder press / plank reaches

  4. DB bent over wide rows / supermans

  5. DB chest press with knees high/ butt kicks

Set 3: 1 x :60

  1. 5 second pushups

  2. Plank t-rotations

  3. V-ups

  4. DB overhead tricep extension

  5. Straight punches