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Core/Mobility Today! It's so necessary to add some stretches and movement in to loosen things up. You can add in the dynamic warmup with about 10-15 minutes of cardio to warmup your body. You can also start to add these daily movements throughout your week as well. Let me know if you have any questions!

Equipment needed: mat

Set 1: x3

  1. Runners lunge with thoracic spine open x10 (5 per side)

  2. Hollow boat hold :15-:30

  3. Plank break dancer slow x20 (10 per side)

Set 2: x3

  1. Offset plank slow knee drivers x24 (12 per side)

  2. Superman breaststroke x15

  3. Hip opening on ground ā€œSā€ x12 (6 per side)

  4. Arm circle palm flips x16 (8 per side)

Set 3: x 3

  1. Bent over upside down Y, T, Y (5 per)

  2. Reverse lunge with side body reach x10 (5 per side)

  3. Overhead squat (12)

  4. Straight leg raises, one stays low x40 (20 per side)