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FULL BODY Friday! You are almost thru week 2! Please make sure that you use the dynamic warmup before the workout. Week two is going to test your body and your mind a bit. Ask any questions you may have, some people may have the same ones!

Equipment needed: mini band + dumbbells + mat + bench (or couch)

Set 1: [:40 on, :20 off x3]

  1. DB side lateral raise to front raise

  2. Plank to downdog contralateral hand to toe tap

  3. Reverse table top hand to toe touch

  4. DB arnold press

Set 2:[:40 on, :20 off x3]

  1. Plank shoulder taps

  2. DB v-sit shoulder press (modification: feet down)

  3. Mini band slow mountain climbers

  4. Bent knees side to side on back 

Set 3: [:40 on, :20 off x3]

  1. Mini band jack raise

  2. DB sumo squat to upright row

  3. DB hip incline thrusters

  4. Tricep dips

Set 4:[:40 on, :20 off x3]

  1. Bulgarian split squat to knee drive twist

  2. Mini band drop squats

  3. DB hammer curl to press

  4. Mini band superman back extension pulls