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Core/Mobility Today! It's so necessary to add some stretches and movement in to loosen things up. You can add in the dynamic warmup with about 10-15 minutes of cardio to warmup your body. You can also start to add these daily movements throughout your week as well. Let me know if you have any questions!

Equipment needed: mat

Set 1: x3

  1. Tabletop hip circles forward x10 (5 per side)

  2. Tabletop hip circles reverse x10 (5 per side)

  3. Side v-ups right x12

  4. Side v-ups left x12

Set 2: x3

  1. Reverse tabletop hand to toe tap x20 (10 per side)

  2. Sumo squat to cross body crunch x20 (10 per side)

  3. Reverse tabletop shoulder stack and reach x10 (5 per side)

  4. DB situp with OH stack at the top (12)

Set 3: x 3

  1. DB sloooww russian twists x20

  2. On back windshield wipers x16 (8 per side)

  3. Plank to down dog reach x16 (8 per side)

  4. Forearm plank openers x16 (8 per side)