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Team! Full Body Day! Going back and forth with rep plus timed movements. You don't necessarily need a block, you just something to rest on your back.  

Equipment needed: two dumbbells + block

Set 1: (3 x :40)

  1. DB OH swings

  2. DB bridge hold chest press

  3. Hover tabletop to walk out plank and back

  4. Hollow boat rocks

Set 2: (:40 on x3)

  1. DB squat to press

  2. Reverse tabletop hand to toe tap to sit through

  3. Plank DB pull thru

  4. Burpee with star jack (or jump jack)

Set 3: 3 x 12 reps

  1. DB shoulder presses

  2. DB goodmorning to squat

  3. Bicycle crunches [50]

  4. Forearm plank knee to elbow oblique crunches

Set 4: (:40 x3)

  1. DB single arm alternating curl to press

  2. DB at chest alternating reverse lunge

  3. Leg raise to crunch

  4. High to low plank with block on back