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MOBILITY / CORE is your friend. Don't miss it, and come back to it at any point in the week where you feel like you need it. Don't neglect days like this, your body needs it. So many of these movements are done slowly and with control. This should not take you 20 minutes, it should be your full hour workout for the day. 

Equipment needed: mat 

Set 1: x3

  1. Reach up to lat pull down in a chair squat x12

  2. Plank to downdog rolls x10 (slow)

  3. Boat to half boat with 5 sec hold at bottom x10

  4. Forearm plank slow rocks x20 (10 each side)

Set 2: x3

  1. Tuck in with big arm circle around x10

  2. Cat cow with your breathe x4

  3. Straight leg pulse pulse bicycles x20 (10 each side)

  4. Side v up to forearm plank hip pulse pulse up 20 (10 each side)

Set 3: x2

  1. Tabletop arm reach with thread the needle with ten second hold x10 (5 per side)

  2. Down dog yogi slow mountain climber x20 (10 per side)

  3. Dolphin with leg lift x12 (6 per side)

  4. Modified pigeon (shin box switch) hip rocks x10 (5 per side)