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We are starting with an extra leg-y FULL body day this week. This week is a chance to up your weights to muscle fatigue. I want you to struggle a bit on the 2nd-4th rounds a bit. Take breaks, don't do all the reps if you can't get there. Let's get a little stronger. 

Equipment needed: two dumbbells + bench (or chair)

Set 1: (4 x :45)

  1. DB offset reverse lunge to squat, one side per round

  2. Lateral power knees on bench

  3. Toe taps on DB

Set 2: (4 x 12)

  1. Standing on bench pistol off, one side per round

  2. DB lateral lunge, one side per round

  3. High knees (:45)

Set 3: 3 x 12 reps

  1. DB back squat

  2. DB front hold reverse lunge knee up to forward lunge, one side per round

  3. DB sumo dead lift

  4. DB high knee hop over 8 count equals one

  5. Bench Bulgarian split squat to decline high plank, 12 per side