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Hump day full body day. AMRAP means as many rounds as possible. If anything is single sided, please make sure you both sides as 10 reps. Your lucky number today is 10. All day. Well, except for that EMOM, which stands for every minute on the minute. 

Equipment needed: two dumbbells + mini band + block (or pillow)

Set 1: AMRAP 12 min | 10 reps per exercise

  1. Superman with block hand hold

  2. Banded lunge shoulder pulses

  3. Seated band rows

  4. Plank jack pushup

  5. Sumo squat to cross body knee to elbow 

Set 2: AMRAP 12 min | 10 reps per exercise

  1. Banded Overhead squat

  2. Superman legs with block hold at feet

  3. Banded heel kick to squat

  4. Block v-up passes

  5. Full burpee

Set 3: EMOM 8 Minutes

  1. 5 sumo squats

  2. 10 calf raises

  3. 15 jump jacks with rest of the minute is wall sit alternating heel raises