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Did you even realize you needed this before I brought mobility into the program? Don't miss it, and come back to it at any point in the week where you feel like you need it. Don't neglect days like this, your body needs it. So many of these movements are done slowly and with control. This one is a little shorter today but still take it slow.

Equipment needed: mat + foam roller

Set 1: x2

  1. Downdog to diagonal yogi mountain climber and leg kick out x20 (10 each side)

  2. Backwards arm swim circles x16 (8 per side)

  3. Surfer lunge to twist x10 (5 per side)

  4. Low lunge to modified pyramid for a breath on each x10 (5 per side)

Set 2: Foam roller x2

  1. Seated leg up and over the roller x16 (8 per side)

  2. Chest opener on roller with reach up slow x10

  3. Standing childs pose with arm roll out x8

  4. Forearm plank tuck ins x10

Set 3: x2

  1. Inner thigh roll outs x10 (5 each side)

  2. Glute rollers x8 (4 each side)

  3. Kneeling forearm plank roll outs x10

  4. Knee tuck ins with foam roller squeeze x12