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MOBILITY / CORE DAY! I like this day staying on Thursdays. How do you feel about it? We are using the mini bands for a little bit of mobility this week. 

Equipment needed: mat + mini bad

Set 1: (x2)

  1. 1/2 kneeling twist openers x16 (8 per side)

  2. Plank opposite shoulder tap to side plank x16 (8 per side)

  3.  1/2 wall sit with mini band arms overhead reach x8-10

  4. Half kneeling with mini band pull apart x16 (8 per side)

Set 2 (x2)

  1. Lying mini band decline hip extension x16 (8 per side)

  2. Straight leg reverse crunches x15

  3. Superman swimmers x20 (10 per side)

  4. Heel walks x16 (8 per side)

Set 3: (x2)

  1. Straight arm stuck in the mud x10 (5 per side) 

  2. Frog to straight leg forward fold x8

  3. Plank walk out back to forward fold x5

  4. Runners lunge to half split x10 (5 each side)