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Mobility and core day! I actually want you to warm up a bit before you do this, either a quick 10 minutes of cardio or use the dynamic warmup above!

Equipment needed: mat + foam roller

Set 1: (x3)

  1. Seated forward fold with five breathes, deeper each time

  2. Wide legged seated heels off the ground x16 (8 per side)

  3. Frog side to side hips x12 (6 each side)

Set 2 (x2)

  1. Foam roller quad roll outs (:30-:45)

  2. Foam roller hamstring roll outs (:30-:45)

  3. Foam roller calf roll outs (:30-:45)

  4. Foam roller slow mid back rolls (:30-:45)

Set 3: (x3)

  1. Plank jack to in/out x15

  2. Heel taps x40 (20 per side)

  3. Butterfly crunches x15

  4. Foam roller forearm plank side roll outs x16 (8 per side)