I’m Tara. Sassy, sarcastic, and a lover of movement. Fitness is my career and people are my passion. I eat ice cream almost every night and will out squat most dudes. 

who is tara laferrara

Hi there. Yep, my name rhymes. It's my only claim to fame.

I believe in strong connections with people through fitness and fun, one squat at a time.

As a former sprinter and kid-sister of three brothers, movement has always been in my blood. Becoming a NASM certified personal trainer was the best step after college track was in the past. I will never look back. I work as a personal/group fitness trainer and yoga teacher to inspire and be inspired on a daily basis at my gym Compass Fitness. There is nothing more powerful than someone saying they can’t do something, and then doing it. 

While the gym is my second home, my passion is sharing fitness education, food, real-life struggles, athletic wear, and plenty of laughs on my social platforms. We’re all in this together as a community, or a tribe.

Live the most vibrant and beautiful life you can by being exactly who you want to be.

Be anything you want to be, but just be you.