Welcome to My Journal


For the longest time I told myself that I wasn’t much of a writer. Well it just so happens that when you tell yourself something every so often, you full-heartedly believe that. I put it out to the Universe so many times that it told me back, no you’re not a writer so move on.

I never thought I was good at it, but that's because I didn’t do it often. This is not to say I’m a great writer now, but this is to say that I am ready to share my stories, motivation, inspiration, life and online training with you all on a more personal basis. Which is exactly how this website is coming to life: Welcome to Tara Laferrara.

You may know me as @taralaferrara on Instagram sharing fitness tips and workouts, but this will be every piece of my life, not just the fitness part. This will be lifestyle, tips and tricks, travel, adventure, online training(!) and so much more. This is a space to show you more about me, and allow me to learn more about you. And if you have made it this far, thank you for the support and love throughout the time I’ve had an online presence. You all rock. Let’s DO THIS!

-> huge special thanks to my girl Ashlynn at Paper Laundry for creating a logo and brand strategy for me. And, Alyx at alyxadair.com for this beauty of a website.

Tara Laferrara