TL Eats: Easy Vegetarian Meals for Your Healthy Lifestyle

TL Eats is a guide on how to eat intuitively and simply even within a hectic schedule. When you’re pressed between meetings, long commutes, and early-morning workouts, these 32 recipes offer quick, healthy options to help you maintain a balance between movement, mindset, and nutrition.


It’s not just about WHAT you eat—it’s HOW you eat

The food you eat fuels you to move, lift heavy things, think creatively, and have dance parties. In TL Eats, I share my top 30, go-to, never-fail-me recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and my pre- and post-workout snacks. With two BONUS dessert recipes.

But the goal of this book isn’t for you to copy my daily meal plan (although that’s in here too). The goal is for you to listen to your body, discovering those foods that make you feel best. You’ll learn how to eat mindfully (and what that even means), how to meal prep, and how to schedule meals around your work and workouts.


  • Listen to your body, not the latest diet trend

  • Meals that work for your lifestyle, not those that take an hour of prep

  • Schedule meals every few hours, not until you’re hangry

  • Shop for simple, basic ingredients, not those only found online

  • Make your eating plan work for you, not anyone else


  • 30 easy, healthy recipes (plus two BONUS desserts)

  • Pre- and post-workout snack options

  • Vegetarian eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • My daily food diary

  • A sample weekly shopping list

  • How to eat intuitively

  • My personal story with food


How much is TL Eats?

One time payment of $14.99 

What does ebook include?

  • A full PDF of 32 recipes to complete your health and fitness journey.

  • 5 Breakfast Ideas

  • 5 Snacks

  • 4 Pre-Workout Meals

  • 4 Post-Workout Meals

  • 6 Lunch Ideas

  • 6 Dinner Ideas

  • 2 Desserts

All recipes are vegetarian and super easy to make!

Any other questions: