6 WEEK CHALLENGE: Starts October 16th

  • Weekly email with mindset, movement, and lifestyle challenges

  • Daily accountability within the Facebook group

  • Inspiration from the TL Team on Instagram

  • 24/7 access to Tara by email/DM

  • Step-by-step photo breakdowns of exercises with modifications

  • Detailed instructions of each workout, including full follow along warmup, cool down, yoga, and mobility videos outside of the workout

  • $500 worth of prizes and 1 grand prize (worth over $1000!)


  • Vivo Barefoot Shoes

  • Cowin Headphones

  • Vital Proteins

  • Reebok Duffel Bag

  • Full Outfit from Senita Athletics

  • HydroFlask

  • (1) GRAND PRIZE: Full gym setup for the TL Method + $250 Cash



About Tara  |   The Program   |    What's Included   |   What You Need   |   Testimonials   |   FAQs


HELLO! Thank you for checking out my workout monthly workout subscription. I am so excited that you want to change your mind and body with the TL Method. The body is meant to move in many different ways to keep it healthy and strong, which is why this program has strength, mobility, yoga, and high intensity training. You will get new workouts Monday - Saturday every single week. As a member of the TL Team, you will have access to new (and past) workouts, plus warmup and cool downs specific to the workout of the day. 

The whole program uses very minimal equipment so that you can do it in a small space at home or in your favorite gym. Everyday, I will show you demonstrations and detailed descriptions of the exercises so that you feel comfortable doing them with great technique and form on your own. I wanted to make this accessible and affordable for everyone, so it’s less than $1 a day at $29/month.

I would love to see you in the #TLTeam!


  • You will never get bored with new workouts all the time

  • Mitigate injury with mobility days

  • Always feel ready for your workout with warmup and cool downs

  • You don't have to be in a gym all day, all workouts around or under 60 minutes

  • Every workout you can do with minimal equipment and space

  • Yoga flows can be done at any time in the program

  • Support from people all over the world here to help inspire and motivate you


  • Brand new workout six days a week:  1 upper body, 1 lower body, 2 full body, 1 core/mobility day, 1 (optional) challenge

  • Access to past workouts from the program

  • Warmup and cool downs for before and after your workouts

  • Detailed description and video demonstrations of each exercise

  • Minimal equipment: dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga block, and bench

  • Yoga videos you can do at your own time

  • Accountability community where you can connect with others for inspiration and support

  • Cancel or re-join at any time, no strings attached! 



Here's the equipment you'll need, from brands I love.

note: You will need different size of weights, especially as the weeks progress.




How much is the TL Method?

Monthly auto-payment, $29/month but you can cancel at any time without any additional fees. This is an all inclusive monthly membership that can take place of your gym membership!


What does the program include?

The program includes six workouts per week done with minimal equipment and space on the members portal of The workouts change daily and you will have access to past workouts in the archives. It also includes yoga flows, warmup and cool downs, accountability group, plus bonus content only available for members. 


What do I need for the program?

You will need different sizes of dumbbells, resistance bands, a bench, and a yoga block.


How long does the program last?

Forever! AS long as you want it to. These workouts change every single day of the year, so you can jump in and out whenever you please.  


How long are the workouts?

Start to finish, it should take you about an hour. If you are a beginner, they may take a little longer. If you are ever strapped for time, you are able to make adjustments easily.


When can I do the workouts?

You will do them at your own pace whenever you can throughout the day/week. I created a way to swipe through the exercises with ease but knowing exactly what you are doing! You will do them whenever you find time in your day.


Do I need a gym membership?

Nope! This takes place of your gym membership. I suggest you have:

  • a couple different sizes of dumbbells (one lighter set and one heavier set to start)

  • a set of mini resistance bands

  • yoga block (can modify with a small pillow)

  • a bench

  • a mat!


What if I already workout?

Then you are awesome, but I can help you be even MORE awesome. Adding other modalities such as yoga, stretching, and mobility may be the few things you need to get your body feeling even better. Plus, the workouts change daily so you will always feel inspired and ready to move! 

Any other questions: