Episode #10: Kara Interviews Tara

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It's our tenth episode! Rarely do we talk about ourselves, but we wanted to take this week to introduce at least ONE of our hosts.

A former D1 track athlete, Tara Laferrara is a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and is mobility and durability certified. Today, her business encompasses six different revenue streams. She is the the founder of her own online program, the TL Method; co-founder of Beach Movement Balance, co-owner of Compass Fitness in Denver Colorado, and of course, co-host of the A-Cup Podcast. She has worked with or been featured in Shape Magazine, Red Bull, Women's Health, FinishLine, and many others.

Tara radiates confidence and positivity, promoting hustle and heavy lifting as much as her imperfections. You will see her post about thinning hair and acne as much as her six-pack abs.

This week Kara interviews Tara, the same way you've come to expect with other episodes. You'll learn about how Tara and Kara first met in college, why Tara transferred schools, and how they reconnected years later.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How Tara went from making $28k her first year out of college to a six-revenue stream business today

  • Why Tara gave up running altogether after being a full-ride, D1 scholarship athlete

  • How she first reached out to brands for sponsored posts

  • How she found a supportive, loving relationship after a stream of toxic ones

  • How she deals with negative comments and DMs online

Articles/features discussed in this episode:

Tara talks lateral movements with Shape Magazine

Tara's story on Run To the Finish

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