8 Things I'm Loving Right Now


I told myself that I would consistently write blog posts this year and it’s been over a month since my last one. I think I’m so caught up in what I should be writing rather than just starting to write whats on my mind. I’ve always thought, I’m better behind a small Instagram screen that only allows 2200 characters. Remember what happens when you tell yourself you are something over and over? You become that. So I’m not going to tell myself that anymore. 

I want to talk about what I’m obsessing over right now. I got this idea from a follow blogger Remi and a question from the Gary Vaynerchuck (#podsessions episodes)— what are a few things I am absolutely loving right now. 


1. PODCASTS - When I’m driving in my car, getting ready for the day, in between things — this is where I go first. There’s something really powerful about audio. It feels like they are in your passenger  and back seat having a conversation with you. It makes you feel like you are personally connected to the people on the other side. A few of my favorites right now:

The Influencer Podcast with Jules Solomon

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

The Gary Vee Audio Experience with Gary Vaynerchuck

side note: I’m working on putting a podcast out to the world soon! :)

2. EYELASH EXTENSIONS: Ok, this one is a little vain, but you guys, I live in a gym so this makes me feel like I’m actually wearing makeup! I break out pretty easily because of oil and sweat, so I try not to wear any makeup on my face while I’m in the gym everyday. I get them done every 2-3 weeks at a place in Denver called Glamour Bar. If you’re local, make sure you go there!

3. ADIDAS. They made a comeback and never went back, ya feel me? The three stripes just instantly make me feel more hip, cooler, and feel better. Not only is their style back in and better than ever, the shoes are AH-MAZING. I’m an NMD, Boost, INIKI loving chick. And for someone that always needs a pair of sneaks on, these all do the best job.

4. MOBILITY. I never realized how much my body needed it until after I gave it to myself. As I’m getting older and living in the fitness industry, it’s so important to take care of my body all of the time. I utilize yoga and stretching, but mobility has also been a huge piece of my workout regimen. See some of my videos here.

5. DANCING. Ok, we all know I’m not a good dancer by any means but do you know what I know about dancing? I know that it makes me smile and it makes me feel good. And I will guarantee you that if you blast your favorite song and start moving a little, you’ll instantly feel better. Just try it. I dare you.

6. 00s HIP HOP & RAP. It’s kind of funny to say that this music is “old school” right now, but it has been almost 20 years! I have been adding a lot of these jams on workout playlists and I am just remembering how amazing Ja Rule, Ashanti, Fat Joe, and (before he turned into a crazy man) Kanye West. Do these jams pump you up in workouts too? You should check out my latest Spotify playlist.

7. JOURNALING. I will be honest, I really didn’t get the Bullet Journal phase. I still actually don’t. But it has been fun writing stuff down and actually checking it off. I’ve been the type of person to write every workout I’ve ever taught down for the past five years, so that seems normal to me but just journaling for the fun of it, or for grocery lists, or finances? It’s been different, but a really fun new thing I love to do.

8. DOGS. As if I haven’t been obsessed with dogs forever, now just feels like so much more because I’m almost ready for my own! Matter a fact, last weekend, I watched a cutie golden doodle and that’s the dog I would love to have one day!

IMG_1761 2.jpeg

What do you absolutely LOVE right now? It can be something that you have been doing for a while or something you just recently found. Tell me stuff I need to check out.