The Best Denim Jeans for Muscular Legs

Do you remember back in the ‘90s and early 2000s when butts were out and skinny was in? Man that sucked.

When I was 13, I never dreamed about being a size 00. I dreamed about having the same body type as everyone else. I was naturally muscular, and carried weight in my legs and ass. Today, I own and love that body. But it’s hard owning shit when you’re growing up.

I love my booty, and I love finding jeans that make my booty stand out. You guys seemed to love the post I wrote this summer on The Best Denim Shorts for Athletic Legs, but the temps certainly dropped since then. With fall here, I wanted to write a similar round-up of my favorite jeans.

First Things First: Here’s How I Judge a Pair of Jeans

Like denim shorts, I have two main criteria for jeans: 1) they can’t gap at the waist and 2) there can’t be an extra long crotch. Whenever a pair of jeans bunches up in the crotch I’m like, “Literally, why.”

I do wear my jeans a little longer, because I like to cuff the bottoms. I don’t wear a lot of heels, and I like the way cuffed bottoms look with sneakers and booties. AKA, the only shoes I own.

My Top 5 Picks For Jeans for Muscular Legs

#5: Madewell


I loved these jeans in the store, but when I tried them on at home I wasn’t fond of them. I love the dark color and bottoms. They have a little fray at the bottom, you just can’t tell in the picture since I’m wearing boots.


Honestly, I really thought these jeans would be my favorite. Maybe I just don’t like the cut of the pair I purchased. They’re high-rise skinny jeans, and I’m constantly pulling them up. The store encouraged me to size down (which I did) because they have a tendency to loosen up after a few washes.

My size: 25

What I love: The dark color and frayed bottoms

What I’m not crazy about: The fit

#4: J Crew


These jeans are pretty great. I owned them for a couple years, and they’re pretty comfortable. I love the wash, which pairs well with a lot of tops in my closet.

Here’s a small drawback: Even though they’re stretch jeans, they’re just not as stretchy as other jeans I own. Like, don’t choose these particular jeans to wear to Thanksgiving at mom’s house. Plus, I feel like I have to pull ‘em up a bit to get them to sit nicely on my waist.

My size: 25/28. [Note: These are a bit short. If I were to buy them again, I’d buy a 29 inseam.]

What I love: The wash

What I’m not crazy about: They sag a bit, and I wish they stretched more.

#3: Joe’s Jeans


These are more of a boyfriend-style fit. They’re a little more lounge-y, a little less check-out-my-butt. I wore them cuffed and casual, and while I’m sure you could dress them up, I have no idea how. I owned these jeans for four years and assure you they last awhile.


Oh, and one tip: Joes can be a little expensive, so I always buy mine at Nordstrom Rack. They have the best sales!

The sizing in these is a bit off on these jeans. Where I typically where a 25-26 waist, I wore a 24 in Joes. If you want them smaller or tighter, go two whole sizes down. If you want to rock the boyfriend look, stay true to size.

#2: Good American Jeans


These might have been my top fav, but they’re just super fucking expensive ($160 a pop). But they fit like a fucking DREAM. My butt looks good, my legs look good—EVERYTHING looks good. A bunch of you referred me to them, and when I tried them on I was like, “Alright. I get it.” Huge fan if you have disposable income.

TaraLaferara_Good American.jpg

My only complaint? The sizing is terrible. I’m typically a 4, and I bought a double zero. It’s complete vanity sizing.

My size: 00 [Note: If your eyes jumped to this section, be sure to read the above paragraph.]

What I love: They fit like a fucking dream

What I’m not crazy about: They’re a Kardashian brand. Who wants to support that.

#1: American Eagle


Do you remember wearing AE jeans in high school? They’re the best! They’re always super affordable. They last forever. And they feel really good.


The jeans I snagged are high waisted, have all the buttons, and were between $50-60 bucks. They fit small on the waist while still fitting really well around the thighs.

Honestly, these were favorite. And if you read my favorite denim shorts post from this summer, you know American Eagle are my favorite brand for denim shorts too.

My size: 4

What I love: Super affordable, last forever, fit great

What I’m not crazy about: Nothing. AE denim is the shit.

What are Your Favorite Denim Brands?

How do they fit? How do they feel? How do they run price-wise? If there are brands you love that I didn’t try, let us know in the comments!