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Episode 13: Dealing with online backlash, with Kiona of How to Not Travel Like a Basic Bitch

Kiona is the founder of How to Not Travel Like a Basic Bitch, an online travel blog turned community-sourced, social justice platform. After the encouragement from a bottle of wine to publish an online travel resource, Kiona’s following grew to 70,000 visitors by year one. Today, Kiona consults ambassadors, city planners, and individuals on how to respectfully bridge the gap between cultures.

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Episode #11: Launching a business with your sister, with Maddie and Jenna of Senita Athletics

Senita Athletics launched in 2015 by two sisters, teammates, and friends, Jenna Transtrum and Maddie Carr. As former soccer players and D1 track athletes, they were determined to get back in shape. They were disappointed by the prices offered to them. With no prior design or fashion experience themselves, they sought out manufacturers to bring their own line to life.

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