Episode 16: Hiding Your Real Life from Instagram with Natalie Uhling

Natalie Uhling is a fitness model and influencer, training women through her signature class, NUFit. NUFit combines HIIT training, spot toning, and choreography; focused on building up your confidence as much as as your muscles or heart rate.

A lifetime lover of movement, Natalie coached classes before and after work, enrolled in a six-month training program at SoulCycle, and held down a 9-5 at Ralph Lauren her first few years out of college. While working at Ralph Lauren she got cast in a major Under Armour campaign, which transformed into a five-year contract. That gig launched Natalie’s modeling career, spreading her face (and name) across billboards, Super Bowl Commercials, and NBC’s Radius Fitness. Harpers Bazar, US Weekly, Shape Magazine and Women’s Health named Natalie a top fitness influencer, while Puma, Nike, and Adidas competed with Under Armour to have Natalie represent their brand.

Now a new momma, Natalie talks about the struggles and evolution of her business as she learns to balance life and family with her business.

Discussed in this episode:

  • What she originally went to school for: Marketing and advertising at the Fashion Institute in NYC, before landing a job on Wall Street and eventually Ralph Lauren.

  • Her career start in the fitness industry: Coaching on the side, and being one of SoulCycle’s first NYC coaches.

  • How she landed a modeling contract with Under Armour: A friend worked at the casting call, and called Natalie saying the client was, “unhappy because the talent [the other models] were too skinny.” Natalie arrived at the shoot and landed the campaign.

  • The smartest business move she made: Making her name (not just her face) be mandatory in all product placements.

  • Toughest lesson she had to learn: “Be careful with who you bring into your circle,” referring to a modeling agent Natalie did not get along with.

  • Toughest gig she ever landed: Working Radius Fitness on NBC, and having an autoimmune response to the stressors that job entailed.

  • Most frustrating part of her business: Keeping up with the changing landscape of social media.

  • What she tells herself on a daily basis: You don’t have time to half-ass shit.

  • Biggest struggle with being a new mom: Learning to say no.

  • Her A-Cup moment: Landing a Super Bowl commercial.

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