Five Tips to Stay Active

Monday morning rolls around and you are crushing life. You are meal prepped for the week, start your work day without spilling coffee on yourself, and make it to your afternoon workout. Throughout the week, you stay on track with your nutrition and are feeling really good. You started going to at a new gym and are starting to see familiar faces. You are on your GAME.

And then, you go out of town for a long Memorial Day Weekend. You overindulge on food and drinks, aren’t as active as you have been, and didn’t have a chance to go to the grocery store and meal prep for the week. It’s all of a sudden the end of the week and you haven’t had any movement since before your vacation. Do you have to start over completely? How can you STAY active when life gets in the way? I’m here to help!


1. Find the right motivation/inspiration.

I’ve written about this before here but I do believe that you have to want to do something for all the right reasons. Do you want to live longer? Do you want to be able to hang with your kids all day? Do you want to walk up the stairs and feel good? There can be many different motivating factors, but they have to come from a place of positivity and eagerness to make it work. No matter what it is, post it on your mirror and think about it every single day.

2. Plan it out.

Do you know that you are going to happy hour after work with your co-workers or that you are going to be out of town for a couple days? PLAN for it! I always take a set of clothes, Secret Active Deodorant, and food if I am going to be out all day. Being prepared will 100% make life and staying active easier. Going out of town? Get your groceries delivered for the day you get back!

3. Bring your friends.

Working out and staying active is so much more fun with friends. It holds you accountable, makes it more fun, and you are more likely to sweat! I love to use Secret Active when I’m working out because it keeps me feeling and smelling fresh even though I am the sweatiest in the group!

4. Choose activities that you LOVE.

This is important. You can’t be going around forcing yourself to run when you aren’t and will never be a runner. Sign up for something that you are going to be excited about and look forward to. That way it won’t feel like a chore and it will actually just be fun!

5. Move your body throughout the day.

Every single day, look for different ways you can move. Whether that is taking the five flights of stairs or parking in the last spot, always look for ways that you can add a little bit of extra movement. On a conference call and not talking much? Do some squats in your chair while you are waiting. Waiting for a flight at the airport? Do lunges until you hear another name over the loud speaker then switch to squats. There are so many “silly” ways you can move your body that can actually help you be more active throughout the day! 


One of the moments I feel the most “active” is when I am sweating, and I wouldn’t be able to feel as good as I do while sweating if it wasn’t for Secret Active. It was specifically formulated for high activity, so the more I sweat, the more odor protection I get. Which is honestly so great for sweaty me.  If you’re like me, head over to Target to try Secret Active out yourself!

Tell me : What is your number one tip to stay active when it’s really hard to do so? 

This post is brought to you by Secret Active. A product I use daily and really love! This post contains some affiliate links and I may be compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running!