5 Reasons You Need the Warm-up

The warm-up is 100% the most important part of your workout. Don’t believe me? Today I am going to go through five key reasons why warming up before you workout is necessary every single time. I give myself around 8-12 minutes to fully warm up my body before I do any type of HIIT or strength training. A warm-up is both physical and mental -- one of the most important ways to stay injury free. 

  1. Dynamic warm-up increases circulation, which moves oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the involved muscles getting prepared for the movement.

  2. Elevates tissue temperature so that muscles can rapidly lengthen and return to their starting shape.

  3. Turns on the sensory receptors of the central nervous system responsible for identifying position changes in the body, which is essential for determining the appropriate motor response.

  4. Elevates the levels of hormones and neurotransmitters responsible for providing energy during a workout.

  5. Rehearses movement patterns in slower, controlled tempos before adding resistance or moving at a fast speed.


I like to use up some space if it’s available. If not, you can do everything in place with room to move forward and back and side to side. The most effective way to warm-up involves all foundational movements: lunges, squats, pushes, pulls, and rotating. Starting with slower movements and gradually making your way into quicker, more explosive movement patterns that are multidirectional are key. You can use my full dynamic warm-up video to follow along and warm-up with me before your next workout! 

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