A Weekend in Santa Barbara


I visited California five times this year alone. And yet, this weekend was my first glimpse of Santa Barbara.
Santa Barbara ranked toward the top of my Have to Visit list, but LA is easier (and my best friend lives there so I can always stay for free!). But this time, a wedding invitation addressed to my boyfriend and I convinced us to make the trek.


Yes, Santa Barbara is Just as Beautiful As Everyone Says

The mountain landscape flowing directly to the beach was just...incredible. Santa Barbara is a town unlike many others: The people are kind, the pace is slow and patient, and it’s a perfect place to visit. And while we were there for the happy couple, there was plenty of time to explore the town in our free time.


Where to Stay, What to Eat and Drink, and How to Move in Santa Barbara

Where to Stay in Santa Barbara: Hyatt Centric.

The Hyatt is just 1.5 miles from the heart of downtown (and nestled right next to where we attended the ceremony—points for convenience). We could easily walk to-and-from downtown and the hotel, but also used Uber to get around. We wish there were Birds/Lime (electric scooters, in case they haven’t landed in your city yet)  for a quick jaunt downtown, but mostly we just walked.

What to Eat: Breakfast, Snacks, and Dinner

I feel like we ate, drank wine, and walked non-stop for four days straight. We went to all the best places for food even though we were there for a wedding. These stand out as my favorites:


Shop Kitchen: a cute, modern little spot. This little French bistro is just a mile north of the Hyatt, and is a great place for outdoor eats and good coffee drinks


Jack’s Bistro: A little bagel place with quick smoothies and juices, great when you need something to hold you over before dinner.

Tri county produce: I was pretty obsessed with this little grocery store. I loved the openness and bright, colorful produce, and frankly found myself drawn to this spot a couple times throughout the weekend.


Loquita: Spanish style tapas. Be forewarned, it’s expensive, but well worth the price. Think paella and small plates and wine galore.

What to Drink

So. Much. Wine.

Seriously, if you like wine and haven’t been to SB yet, book your ticket. Now.

Municipal Winery: This was one of the only wineries open past 8pm. Santa Barbara is a pretty chill time (especially in December) so there weren’t a ton of evening options. This funky place was decorated with old fixtures and art on the walls, where you could sit and enjoy a flight, glass, or the whole bottle.

Deep Sea Winery: This is where the wedding took place! Positioned on Stern’s Wharf right off the main downtown area, it’s a beautiful spot to enjoy wine by the glass, overlooking the water and mountains.


How to Move

Need to fit a workout into your travel plans?

My boo and I squeezed in a TL Method legs workout, right in the comfort of our hotel. We also did a quick beach workout (click here to follow along on the ‘gram) and some poolside mobility work.

Oh, and because Santa Barbara is a very walkable town, we averaged around 18,000 steps a day. Have you been? What’s your favorite part?