TL Holiday Gift Guide: 21 of the most epic gifts for the Athlete in your life


Feeling that holiday cheer already? ME TOO.  

If your shopping list is anything like mine, you know several people that love to go ham in workouts. For the girl who loves to sweat, your favorite weekend warrior, or the athlete in your life, here’s what you should look for this holiday season.

Fitness Gifts For the Athlete in Your Life

The TL Method: What’s worse than a foot of snow on the ground? A foot of snow when you want to go to the gym. But with the TL Method, you can still squeeze your workout in—even when you’re squeezed between your couch and the coffee table. Get daily workouts (that you can do anywhere) for just $29 a month. Plus, you get a community full of like minded athletes for support. This weekend only, you can get access to one free day (24 hours access) into the program. Make sure you check back for that!

Resistance bands: Travel a lot? Unable to make it to the gym every day? This is my favorite, underrated tool for on-the-go workouts. It travels easily in your carry-on or luggage for those winter getaways. Plus, it’s a great stocking stuffer.

Senita Athletics: If you never tried it, Senita is breathable, comfortable, and high-quality workout clothes but for an unbelievably low price. It’s the perfect gift for the your fittest friends (especially the girl that hates doing laundry). I love their crop tops, shorts, leggings...ok I love all of it. And they are also having a HUGE Black Friday sale starting Thursday night at 8pm!

Yoga Block: This is another underrated piece of equipment I recommend for any home gym. A yoga is a great tool for any athlete (not just yogis), is extremely affordable, and adds a level of intensity to any workout.  

Class Pass or Compass Fitness Classes: These are perfect for the gal or guy that likes variety in their fitness routines. Gift ClassPass if he/she lives outside the Denver area. If you live in Denver, come visit me at Compass Fitness (and check out our Black Friday deals).  


Foodie Gifts for the Athlete Who’s Always Hungry

Air Fryer: This must-have kitchen tool is AMAZING. It takes up a lot of counter space, but it’s so worth it. My boyfriend and I love making fried tofu and homemade falafel in ours. Plus, you use much less oil (and spend a lot less time in the kitchen).  

Vitamix: Have someone that’s obsessed with smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner? If you’re looking for a gift at a higher price point (I’m not gonna lie, they’re kind of spendy), this is perfect. I use my Vitamix each and every morning to blend my pre-workout smoothie.

Egg Cooker: Eggs are a crucial part of my diet—I always have a couple hard boiled eggs in my fridge as an on-the-go snack. This gadget makes it super quick and easy to get the perfect hard boiled egg without boiling water on the stove. For someone that loves their meal prep, this is a must-have.

Reusable Veggie Bags: If you want to do your part to reduce your carbon footprint, these are a great kitchen addition. Plus, they’re great for meal prep, keeps your produce fresher, longer; and reduces waste. These are another excellent stocking stuffer.

Bullshit Seasoning: Not going to lie, originally I bought this for my boyfriend just because I loved the name. Now, we sprinkle it over everything.


Travel Accessories for the Person Who Can’t Stay in One Place

Scott’s Cheap Flights: I can’t be the only girl who would rather receive an experience than a gift. Buy an extravagant vacation or a weekend getaway, whatever your budget allows. Set up alerts to your dream destinations or a domestic city you’ve been dying to explore—you’ll be shocked at how low these fares are.

Leather Passport holder: I bought this randomly for my international travels, and now I use it all the time. It’s fun, stylish, affordable, and, chances are, the recipient hasn’t bought one for him-or-herself.

Carry-on luggage: I use the same carry-on luggage every single time I travel. It never gets checked (I get so annoyed when the gate checks my carry-on!) and it’s easy to haul across the airport. Plus, I think it’s pretty cute.  

Sleeping Eye Masks: Everyone loves a good in-flight nap. An eye mask keeps out excess light, making it easy to pass out in-flight. I never travel internationally without these.

Neck Pillow: This is another item I never travel without. If your flight lasts more than four hours, a neck pillow can make the trip so much more enjoyable.


Beauty Tools for Those Who Like To Clean Up After A Workout

Tula Starter Kit: An over-the-top skincare routine is one of my favorite ingredients toward self-care. With an exfoliating mask, facial cleanser, and face scrubs, this kit will have your skin crystal clear for the holidays. Best of all there is a discount code: Use TARAL to save at check-out.

Roden and Fields: This four-step system is one that WORKS. Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form, a sales rep for this company. I’m just over here singing their praises because I’m a long-time sufferer of acne, and this really cleared my skin up.

Hydrating Masks: I love buying these in bulk (they come in packs of ten) and keeping them in my gym or travel bag. Another great stocking stuffer, these keep your skin glowing and hydrated while on the move.

Dry Brush: The first time I heard about dry brushing I was like, “What even is this?” Then I tried it. I have to say, I’m obsessed. I love to dry brush before or after my shower, which leaves my skin soft and exfoliated. This has also helped me clear up acne around my back and chest.

Charcoal Toothpaste: If you have sensitive teeth (like I do) teeth white strips are a form of modern-day torture. I bought this gift for my boyfriend (he’s an excessive coffee drinker) and it really works. A friend also told me that charcoal capsules work just as well.


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