This is Exactly What I Eat in a Day (and When I Eat It)

You guys always ask about what I eat, so here it is: My personal food journal.

I wrote down exactly what I eat in a day, and when I eat it. Best yet, I wrote down the recipes for every single meal I included, so you can make them at home. And you get access to all of this for free!

The Tara Laferrara Food Diary: What I Eat and How I Make it

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This is a real-life look into what I eat in a day. I explain how I plan my meals around work and workouts, and which meals I choose to fuel-up or recover after a good sweat.

In the TL Food Diary you’ll find:

  • The 5 go-to recipes I eat on repeat (2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 snack, and 1 dinner)

  • Meal prep tips for the above recipes

  • The exact times I eat each day

  • What I eat before and after workouts

I eat 5-6 meals a day, following a *mostly plant-based diet. Everything I eat comes from real foods, is incredibly easy to whip-up, and comes from ingredients easily found at the grocery store.

Releasing Early March: The Tara Laferrara Recipe eBook

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If you love these recipes, you should be excited for something I’m cooking up for next month: A recipe ebook!

I’m releasing 30 of my most go-to recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pre- and post-workout snacks. Plus, I’m offering you tips on how to eat intuitively, i.e. listening to signals from your body—not a prescribed diet plan or detox—for what foods you should eat. Those who download my food diary will be the first to know about the recipe book.

Get Ready for the TL Challenge Coming in March: Movement, Mindfulness, and Nutrition


If you’re feeling stagnant in your workout routine, are craving something new, or just need an inspiring group of people to keep you motivated, join us March 4th for the TL Challenge.

The TL Challenge will focus on the three pillars of wellness: movement, mindfulness, and nutrition. There will be an incredible community to cheer you on and tons of prizes to win. There will be:

  • Weekly check-ins focused on mindfulness and positivity

  • Brand new workouts from the TL Method

  • Tons of ways to connect with the TL community across social media

  • Chances to win incredible prizes from some of my favorite brands

  • Meal prep tips, how to eat intuitively, and of course the TL recipe ebook*

Ready to join in? Download my Food Diary to be the first to know about the TL Method March Challenge.

*Recipe eBook is not included in the  TL Method Membership

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