8 Tips To Stay Healthy During the Holidays


SANTA. I know him! And he’s almost here. Can you believe it? The year flew by as fast as you can say Kris Kringle. I heard this happens as you get older. I’m getting older, and the years fly by even faster. Why is this happening to me?

So the holidays are here and I get it you guys, it is SO hard to stay on track with eating and staying active, working on yourself but also thinking about getting the best presents for your relatives. Just saying that made me realize it was a run-on sentence. It’s kind of how I feel like the holiday season can be, a really long run-on sentence. It’s holiday parties, happy hours, gifts, cookies, family stress, and so many things to do with so little time. Which brings me to my first step.

  1. SLOW DOWN. It’s a time where we feel like we need to do it all. Go to every party, host a party, make everyone you know happy. Only say yes to things that are a HELL yes. I’m almost always down for a white elephant party. So if you invite me to that, its a hell yes. Especially if you are a funny gift giver. Say no to things that will make you stress out even more. Say no if there is even a hint of you wanting to say no. Just like that, don’t go!
  2. BREATHE. I can’t tell you how much of a difference this has made in my life. And no, I’m not just taking about the 23,040 breathes you take in a day, I’m talking about taking really mindful inhales and exhales when you feel overwhelmed. There is nothing wrong with stopping in the middle of your day and coming back to your breath. 
  3. DRINK ALL THE  WATER. For a while, I’d drink 100+ ounces a day. I’d pee 90 times but I was a hydrated machine. And then all of a sudden I stopped and got headaches, circles under my eyes, and felt it right away. You may be eating a bit differently throughout the holidays, so keep yourself hydrated because it will be even MORE important. Which brings me to my next point.
  4. EAT INTUITIVELY. What does that mean? Become more aware of your body's natural hunger signals throughout this time. If you want the cookie, eat it! Realize why you want it and make peace with foods. Learn more about it here. One of my go-to things to do before I head out to a party is to have a full meal before I go. That way I won't be as inclined to eat whatever they have to offer and maybe just have one cookie. ;)
  5. EXERCISE OFTEN. Don’t have time? Make time. Got 30 minutes? Do one of my IG workouts. Don’t have that? Do lunges down to the bathroom, dance while you’re cooking dinner, or make wrapping presents a game of burpees. Be creative. Or ask me, I’ll help. 
  6. TREAT YOURSELF. I love giving gifts. But honestly, one of the biggest stressors of the holidays for me is getting the best gift. One year, I got experiences for everyone in my family. It was my best (and most expensive) holidays ever. That was when I officially became the Cool Aunt Tara. It was SO much work, but was so worth the memories everyone made even after the holidays were over. Now I really focus on spending time with my loved ones and getting something nice for MYSELF! I’ll pick one thing I have been wanting for a while, wrap it up and open it for me.
  7. REST EASY. There will be a lot of traveling– in cars, trains or automobiles and maybe you won’t even be sleeping in your own bed. It’s so important to take care of yourself before, during and after so that you don’t get sick or overwork yourself. I love sleep masks, travel pillows for the plane, and face masks to keep my skin feeling fresh while I'm sleeping in other places.
  8. HAVE A DRINK. Just don’t have too many. You know your limit, stop before you get there. There is nothing worse than being hungover when you are trying to be productive. You can have fun and have a drink or two, but don’t go overboard. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow. Go for the less sugar-y, less bloat-y drinks. Here, check out this page it has some goodies.

Most importantly, have FUN! This season is about love, happiness, and being grateful for where you are at in your life and with whom you surround yourself with. Give the gift of being present and enjoy the lights and fun because it will be over before you know it! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!