TL Weekly Workouts


You guys have been asking about this a lot.

Because I'm a people pleaser, here we are. I want to start this post by saying, I am a personal trainer and group instructor. So what I’m saying is, a lot of my work is while I’m standing being pretty active already. My days range from teaching a couple classes to having a couple clients a day to sitting behind a computer for half a day. If you want to stalk any of my classes, check out my schedule here. I would love to see you in person! But because my days can range on the high end of 28,000 steps a day and on the low end of 15,000, I’m already a pretty active human. I will always be so grateful for this as well.

So now that is out of the way...

First and foremost, I always schedule my workouts ahead of time. I look at what I have scheduled for my week and will always add in my calendar: TARA’s WORKOUT time. That way no one else can bother me and I have that time for me every single day. There is some leniency though, absolutely. A client could need to get in at that time, I could be pulled into a meeting/class, or my body just isn’t feeling what I have planned and that is A-OKAY. I used to get so caught up about doing exactly what I have planned, that it used to stress me out a lot. If I wake up and I’m not feeling well, I will get in some yoga/mobility. Or if I wake up and I’m crazy sore, I’ll go on an easy run instead of my workout. Always listen to your body. Always.

Here's how I break it up.

I like to break up my week with full body workouts, upper body (even though this isn’t my favorite), lower body, and mobility/core. Because I co-own a studio in Denver (Compass Fitness) I love with a community I adore, at least two days of the week I’m in there to take a class. Plus, we offer some modalities that aren’t in my direct forte and I love to challenge my body in different ways: specifically with kickboxing and dance cardio. 


Monday: TL METHOD Full Body Workout (sample workout)

Set 1 (4 x :45)

  1. DB Knee Drop Squat
  2. Single Leg Thruster

Set 2 (5 Min AMRAP)

  1. Plank Jacks (20 reps)
  2. Sit-ups (10 reps)
  3. Run in place (:30)

Set 3 (4 x :45)

  1. DB Curl & Press
  2. Sphinx Pushup

Set 4 (5 Min AMRAP)

  1. Plank In Out: (20 Reps)
  2. DB Sit up (10 reps)
  3. Reverse Plank (:15)

Tuesday: Compass ABSolute Cardio

Mixture of small core movements and bouncing on your feet, this class has sweat written all over it. + Mobility work from TL Method. Understand why adding mobility is so necessary to your workout routine here

sample mobility moves (3 x :30)

  • Cat Cow
  • Frog Hip Rocks
  • Heel Walks
  • Bent Over Y
  • Lunge Reach
  • Plank Tap to Side

Wednesday: TL Method Lower Body (sample workout)

Set 1 (x3)

  1. [8 per side] DB Bulgarian Squat
  2. [20 reps] Squat
  3. [8 per side] DB Single Deadlift
  4. [10 per side] Wall Sit Extension

Set 2 (x3)

  1. [8 reps per side] DB Decline Thruster
  2. [20 reps] Superman legs only
  3. [10 reps per side] DB Tabletop kick
  4. [10 reps per side] Reverse Lunge Snap

Set 3 (x3)

  1. [8 reps per side] DB Reverse Lunge
  2. [20 reps] Squat pulses
  3. [5 reps per side] Pistol Off Bench
  4. [20 reps] Sumo Squat Hops

*Check out this whole workout with gifs on the TL Method

Thursday: 20-30 minutes of yoga + rest/recover

I have several yoga videos that are all around 20 minutes within the TL Method portal that I can do whenever. So I’ll do one that fits with what my body needs for the day, i.e. shoulders/wrists, hips and hams, easy flow, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 10.06.51 AM.png

Friday: TL Method Upper or Full Body

I won’t lie, I’m not much of an upper body fan, so I normally just make it full body especially if I’m feeling refreshed from the day before. Every once in a while, I’ll go to a climbing class at one of my favorite studios, Transform Colorado. Talk about a sweat show. 

Saturday: Full body workout (or kickboxing) at Compass Fitness.

This workout changes every week. There’s something really awesome about going to the gym on a Saturday morning and sweating with 30 of your closest friends. It’s a good time, every time. I am also able to workout with my boyfriend so it’s always fun to sweat with him. We have an awesome community that works their asses off, so this is my spot on Saturday mornings. We also go grocery shopping for the week after the workout, which is the perfect way to plan for the week ahead.

Sunday: OFF, always my rest day.

There’s something about having this day fully off that I always need. There was once a time where I was forcing myself to workout on Sundays, and every time I went I felt like I was only halfway in it. So I decided to take it out of my routine and just be okay with a full day of rest. Sometimes, I will go on a hike, play basketball, go for a walk, or something easy. But I will never have a scheduled workout on Sundays. 

I change my workouts up ALL the time so that I keep challenging my mind and body. I'm always looking to try something new. Who knows, maybe next week I'll try trampoline fitness! ;)

How do you like your workout schedule? Have I convinced you to try out my program yet? :) I would love to be apart of your fitness journey.